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Wild Horse Islands
Where It Begins


Equine Vocabulary

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Dur Island

Galad Island
You climb up a semi steep bank out of a large azure body of water. As your daggers sink slightly into the soft soil surrounding a large island your orbs wonder the beautiful land. You notice it is full of lush green grass but the land is not flat like you would think the island would be it is full of hills and canyons. If you would walk the whole island you would find out that the land if full of different textures and feelings. But your orbs also look past the island that you are standing upon to notice a bridge to your left leading to an island that is full of light but to your other side there is another bridge but this leads to an island of darkness. As you turn your beautiful dial to survey the land once more you notice a weird but beautiful sighting of light coming from in front of you as you turn your dial back in that direction you see that the weird lighting is coming from a beautiful black and white hued mare. She is perfect in all aspects being tall and slender but of a fine built she looks as if she could possibly be of thoroughbred or warmblood decent. Her eyes the most mesmerizing of all they are of the most beautiful azure color but they are also hard and caring as they bear into your soul. But then..she speaks her vocals so musical and high they make you respect her Hello and welcome. I am Valiedhiel Queen of these wild islands. As you unwillingly pull your orbs away from Valiedhiel as you catch the sound of soft but thunderous dagger falls coming toward you. As you turn your head to the left you are surprised when you realize that the soft dagger falls are coming from a handsome beglian draft stallion of a golden hue that shimmers as the light dances off his coat. He halts just off the bridge to the light world. His kissers curl into a sweet smile before he says Hello, my dubbing is Maeron and I am King of the light island. Come and join me on the island of... before he could finish your lobes catch the heavy breathing along with heavy dagger falls coming from the dark island. Looking in that direction you see a massive black stallion of friesian heritage coming toward you, he halts at the end of the bridge coming from the dark island. Your attention is upon the ebony steed as his dark vocals send a shiver down your spine. "I'm Durion of the dark island." With a stamp of his frontal dagger he says Join me and live a life of evil and uncaring bliss. As you hear a gentle snort you look over at the pally king as he says Or you may join me a live a life of love and happiness. You then look from one steed to the other as they each turn upon there hunches and canter back down the ancient bridge with witch they came. The beautiful vixen who had been patient the whole time smiles sweetly at you as her lovely vocals sing "Now my love, it is time to choose who you will join. Will you live a life of peace on Galad Island or will you choose to live a life of torture on Dur Island." She watches you softly with those azure eyes as you look thoughtfully from the bridge that Maeron had cantered down which you can just barely make out his kingly stature on the island looking back in your direction and then to the bridge that Durion has cantered down but you cannot see his figure at all for the bridge seems very dark from where you stand. My child which ever you choose you must abide by our laws no matter what. I hope you choose wisely for yourself. With those last works you look back to her just in time to see as she unfolds a pair of pure white wings you had not seen before and softly lifts into the air and drifts away on silent wings. You thoughtfully proceed to the joining page to make your decision.

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